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Lite-Pak Sustainable Packaging and the Environments

Lite-Pak™ Is a Bright Idea in Sustainable Packaging.

Eighty-seven percent of respondents to a recent industry survey said at least some of their customers have required or requested sustainable packaging. As consumers become more concerned with environmental issues, companies have been adopting “green” initiatives to reduce pollutants, energy usage and contributions to landfills.

Less Plastic Is More

That’s where Lite-Pak™ comes in. Designed specifically to help CPGs and brand marketers like you meet the growing demands of retailers’ green policies, Lite-Pak uses less plastic in such a way that it can be easily separated from its SBS or corrugated substrates, making recycling a snap for consumers. It’s also more durable and provides a larger printing area for high-impact graphics.

For more information on sustainable packaging, visit the Sustainable Packaging Coalition website at

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