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Lite-Pak Sustainable Packaging Club Store Solutions

Sustainable Sales Into the Club Store Channel

Sustainable primary packaging is going to be seen in a whole new lite. Introducing Lite-Pak™, the sustainable solution developed specifically for products merchandized through the club store retail channel. It meets the strict environmental packaging requirements of mainstream retailers while streamlining the complex packaging design process into a simple and easy system that saves you both time and money.

Packaging That Stacks Up

Lite-Pak’s complete Club Pack system helps you sell into the club store channel. It uses a pre-set template format to create the right primary packaging size and pallet configuration to meet both the club store’s strict requirements and your retail goals. Plus, Lite-Pak is produced with rigid, durable materials, so any pallet configuration can support the required minimal weight required by club store retailers.

Get to Market Faster

With Lite-Pak’s simple packaging process, The Drake Company can design your packaging graphics in select flute combinations with SBS or SBS-corrugated combo strengths. Then we can calculate the pallet count and configuration that are within the club store’s strict specifications. Your product could be in the stores in one-third of the time it would normally take using custom packaging methods.

The Perfect Business Partner

Lite-Pak’s Club Pack system helps you plan your business and determine your packaging budget so that you can present a complete club store sales program. You’ll be able to easily calculate quantities per pallet based upon your product’s size dimensions, which helps you determine your total packaging costs and analyze your margin and sell-in opportunities more accurately.

With Club Pack, The Drake Company helps cover all the points of delivery for the club store channel so that you can execute your sales strategy. We can even design your packaging graphics in full color.

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